Brick fire rescue 903 инструкция

brick fire rescue 903 инструкция
Instills confidence of the user in his/her equipment. Normally worn over other protective clothing, firefighters’ bunker gear, or flame-retardant coveralls. These procedures should be modified depending on the suit and accessory equipment used. There is no definitive list with specific methods recommended for specific chemicals and materials. Depending on the chemicals present, any combination of hazards may exist. Many manufacturers specify recommended procedures for storing their products.

Quickly scrub and hose off, especially around the entrance/exit zipper. However, temperature and pressure effects may enhance permeation and reduce the magnitude of this safety factor. Connect the breathing hose while opening the main valve. Cover equipment and tools with a strippable coating that can be removed during decontamination. Construction Specifications Construction Details Design Guide and Manuals Miscellaneous Publications. Sample doffing procedures are provided in Table VIII:1-6 below.

Radiation-contamination protective suit Various types of protective clothing designed to prevent contamination of the body by radioactive particles. Initial site surveys are required until higher levels of hazards are identified. Liquid splash protection but no protection to chemical vapors or gases. Depending on type of suit: Put on long-sleeved inner gloves (similar to surgical gloves). Secure gloves to sleeves, for suits with detachable gloves (if not done prior to entering the suit). Additional overgloves, worn over attached suit gloves, may be donned later.

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