Multi function temperature clock инструкция на русском

multi function temperature clock инструкция на русском
Some multicookers have a glass lid.[7] Heating element – mounted in the housing, it cooks the food. America’s Test Kitchen. p. PT 41. ISBN 978-1-940352-21-3. ^ a b Rodgers, R. (1998). Slow Cooker Ready & Waiting: 160 Sumptuous Meals That Cook Themselves. Control panel – part of the housing, this consists of a microprocessor with programs which are displayed showing the process, temperature and programs.[3] It also includes several buttons to control the process. Temperatures can reach 40-180 °C allowing any method of cooking from keeping food warm to baking or frying. Inner bowl [1][4] – in most modern designs, the bowl is removable and has a non-stick coating (teflon, ceramic, etc.). The non-stick coating is important for multicookers to operate properly.

Some multi cookers have an adjustable thermostat.[2][4] In addition to cooking programs, a multicooker may have functions to keep food warm,[3] reheat it or to cook it at a later time. You get excellent resolution and accuracy plus the convenience and ease of using a single pair of leads. This could be compared to a Sport touring motorcycle The Spyder RT series is a touring version, with integrated saddlebags and top case. The control panel provides information about the temperature of the bowl’s contents.

After that it comes to a boil again and maintains the temperature for a pre-determined amount of time. Keep warm – can be automatically activated after some of the programs end and can maintain a hot meal for several hours.[3] The temperature is usually 70 °C or higher to prevent harmful bacteria from developing. These digital multimeters perform the functions you would expect to see in a multifunction DMM, including measuring volts, ohms, and amps. Multicookers can make hundreds of dishes characteristic of any cuisine, except those which require specific types of cooking unsupported by the appliances, such as flame grilling.

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