Bosch classixx 6 инструкция

Example: Where required, press the option button(s) for additional function(s). Press the M Start button. Noise Level: pleasantly quiet at 64 dB. Drainset: no need to empty condensation water manually as it is automatically drained. Pull out the strainer and rinse under running water. The mains voltage must correspond to the voltage specification on the washing machine (nameplate). Connection specifications as well as the required fuses are stipulated on the appliance nameplate.

Page 19: Reduced Time & Rinse Hold I Reduced Time Additional options Reduced washing duration — only 2 rinsing cycles. buttons Suitable for slightly dirty laundry. Page 6: Environmental Protection Conservation Issues Environmental Protection / Conservation Issues Your washing machine uses water, energy and detergent efficiently, thereby protecting the environment and reducing your household costs. All packaging packaging materials are environment friendly and recyclable. Облегчите жизнь своих «коллег» по покупке техники Bosch! Using your washing machine in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner: q Do not exceed recommended load.
Page 38: Installation Area Appliance stability is important so that the washing Installation area machine does not wander» during the spin cycles. The Ready control light Close the loading door (a click flashes. should be heard). Programme does not M Start button not pressed. Реализовано это следующим образом: надо запустить выбранную программу стирки, заложив бельё и порошок как обычно. Звук отжима напоминает идущий на взлёт самолёт, такой характерный свист, но в разы тише. Page 33 Fault Cause Action Spin result unsatisfactory. L Rinse or B Spin programme selected — maximum spin speed 800 r.p.m. Repeated spinning at This is not a fault. short intervals. Перейти к списку интернет магазинов Служба ремонта Быстрая и квалифицированная помощь в соответствии с самыми высокими стандартами качества обслуживания.

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