Инструкция к духовке caunion hot surface

инструкция к духовке caunion hot surface
Any moisture If a replacement is required please in the food could lead to corrosion purchase one through your local dealer damage in the oven. Page 43 The oven compartment light will now switch itself off after a programme has begun. This prevents them from spitting and making the oven dirty.

Page 44 This safety feature prevents functions being entered unintentionally. Insert the hob control knobs into the Insert the hob control knobs into the control facia. Page 51 Two special accessories for rotisserie thoroughly cooked through («well grilling, a meat and poultry clamp, and done»). a kebab grilling device are available from your Miele dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. Select Microwave mode with the Moisture contained in the wood evap- function selector. orates when exposed to microwave en- ergy, causing the wood to dry and crack. Page 32 A short audible tone will sound after about half of the time has elapsed, indi- cating that the food should now be turned or stirred.

See «Roasting with the Roast probe» for details. Page 51 Pre-heat the grill for at least 5 minutes and grill with the oven door closed. If you grill with the door open the hot air will escape from the oven and not get cooled by the cooling fan. The fault message “ ” appears when the door is opened and at the same time the Start touch control is pressed.

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