Toshiba estudio 166 инструкция по заправке

toshiba estudio 166 инструкция по заправке
Switching Operation Sound On/Off…74 Checking Total Number Copied…75… Page 76: Switching Operation Sound On/off 4 SETTINGS AND MANAGEMENT OF EQUIPMENT Switching Operation Sound On/Off You can switch the operation sound of the equipment on or off. Page 36 1 PREPARATION Pull out the trailing guide (A), and then reinstall the guide at the position of the desired paper size. Page 43: Table Of Contents HOW TO MAKE COPIES This chapter describes basic copy operations. Для получения подробной информации о стоимости, пожалуйста, обращайтесь к менеджерам. Page 65 Press the [DRAWER] button several times until the lamp of the desired drawer is lit. e.g.) Selecting the drawer of the equipment Select the other copy modes as required, and then press the [START] button. Page 52: Using Bypass Tray *3 Be sure to use the overhead transparencies that TOSHIBA recommends.

The top sheet of the originals will be scanned first. Page 103: Cleaning Charger Cleaning charger If the inside of the charger is dirty, staining may appear on the copied image. Paper Jams… Page 86: Paper Jams On Bypass Tray 5 TROUBLESHOOTING Raise the guide plate under the transport guide, and then release the original jammed under the guide plate. Копировальные аппараты (копиры), более известные в Украине, благодаря фирме Xerox, как «ксероксы» имеются в настоящее время практически в каждом офисе, в каждой организации. Меняются нож очистки, при необходимости – магнитный вал, дозирующее или вращающееся лезвие, ролик заряда. Page 49: Making Copies Making Copies Follow the procedure below to make copies.

Automatic paper selection (APS): The equipment detects the size of the original placed and automatically selects copy paper of the same size as the original. Page 93 Pull out the seal in the direction of the arrow. Это может привести к поломке копировального аппарата и закончится дорогостоящим ремонтом. Change the paper size indicator to match the size of paper placed. Page 27: Configuration Of Options Configuration of options The options listed below are available. The equipment is in the low The equipment automatically enters into power mode.

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